Kind words

Photographic hard copies of memories that will never fade

My wife and I had Emma of Fairytale Asylum Photography take our photo’s at our wedding and one thing that both my wife and I will agree on is that it was by far the easiest and one of the best decisions we made on planning our wedding. Our decision for her to do the photography was decided after the amazing engagement shoot that she did.

Her ability to pull an amazing photo out of nowhere beggars belief and the creativity that this girl possesses is out of this world and this shines through on every single photo that she takes.
She has a real talent not only for taking photo’s but for everything else that goes on around the shoot, from being able to keep the attention of kids who naturally don’t want to get their photo’s taken and develop the attention spans of  gold fish to being able to take photo’s of which you are not aware of her taking.
She also has this uncanny gift of making you feel relaxed and comfortable whilst she is working away doing her thing.
Emma is a true professional and helped make our day more special by giving us photographic hard copies of memories that will never fade.
We would highly recommend Emma to anyone who wants professional photographs taken as the outcome of the shoot, we’re certain, will blow you away.
Easy 6 out of 5 stars 🙂

Kev & Laura

Professional photos with none of the usual nonsense

I should qualify this review by saying that Emma is a close personal friend and has been for some time, but I write this review objectively.
Like everyone these days we are all constantly shooting photos of anything and everything with iPhones and iPads (other phones and tablets are available) with mixed results. We wanted to have a proper photo shoot done to capture Priya at that stage (she was 11 months and just starting to take tentative steps). We’d seen lots of “professionally taken” baby photos but often they are unrecognisable from the children you are told they are, sometimes they look too angelic, posed, contrived (think Darryl Hannah in Blade Runner) and we didn’t want that. We wanted anyone seeing the photos to instantly recognise it was Priya and the photos to show how we are as a family.
Unfortunately it was just after Christmas – we had arranged with Emma that we would do the photos on a nice day (few and far between I know) but unfortunately time was against us as I was due back offshore, so one day we just said to hell with it and went to my Parents’ house as it is much more photogenic than mine.
Right at the beginning of the photo shoot Priya had a wee accident and bumped her head, as you can imagine there were tears. What I didn’t know was that whilst I was picking her up and comforting her Emma had continued shooting. Looking at the photos you can see Priya was crying but I think these are some of the best photos taken as you can see how close we are and that our relationship is just as beautiful when she is sad as it is when she is happy. Once she had stopped greetin’ (that’s Doric for crying) we just sat on the floor and started playing. Obviously walking between Mummy and daddy was her favourite new pastime and I think Emma really captured how exciting this was for her and how happy we were to see it.
We then did a couple of “Posed” photos just for giggles and they came out pretty well too. After that we were all hungry so went to a local pub for lunch, Emma kept shooting there too and got some really cute photos of Priya chewing her toys.
After working with the images for a while Emma delivered a disc with the finished photo album and I couldn’t be happier with the results. I think one of the things that puts people off using so called “Professional Photographers” is this business of them owning the images and having to pay them for prints etc. None of that nonsense with Emma, disc handed over and that’s that.
To summarise I would recommend Fairytale Asylum Photography to anyone who wants great, natural looking and professional photos with none of the usual nonsense that usually goes along with it.

David, Panicha & Priya