From £250 
  • For parties, weddings and corporate events why not hire your own photo booth. Hire a photographer with a box full of tricks, crazy costumes and a pretty backdrop to entertain your guests for hours and you get to keep all the evidence……hmmm… images.
  • Packages start at 2 hours
  • Regardless of package all images will be supplied on a disk and/or USB (optional)
  • Themed and vintage boxes
  • Doesn’t take up much room

Kids and teens party packages

  • 2 hours and unlimited images on disc
  • 10 6×4 prints (or more on request and other sizes are available)
  • Box of props included



This is me….. Emma North, lover of tattoos, various shades of pink, unicorns*, Japanese video games from the 90’s, Tim Burton inspired, collector of shiny stuff (my inner magpie loves bling) and full time coffee addict. I live with my husband Kyle, 3 little monsters (kids), our dogs Morrison the German Shepherd, Pixie our chihuahua, Lennon the black lab, Ruby the rat, Mystery our cat, 5 chickens, a bunny called Charlie and our rescue crow, Kevin…. might open a petting zoo. When I’m not out taking important photographs for you I’m out riding and fixing motorbikes, shooting arrows (Robin Hood style), watching Disney movies with the monsters (I’ve become somewhat of a Disney expert) and taking photographs for fun, I love photography, film and digital. I am also trying to take up yoga…. trying…. It’s not going particularly well so far.


“A picture paints a thousand words” a photograph can capture a moment in time… a memory.


I prefer to adopt a storytelling approach to documenting the day, capturing all the details and moments as they happen. I will be like a photo ninja… stealth mode, yes we can do some fun (semi-posed) images, couple shots, portraits and group shots then the rest of the time I will be off taking candid photos and if you do happen to notice me in the excitement you may wonder… What the heck is she doing?? (People often think this about me) I might just be taking your favourite photo. I am not a fan of “firing squad photography” well that’s what I call it when you have 500 photos of people looking posed, scared and generally awkward, I think that when you capture people naturally it tells the story better… Wouldn’t you rather have a photo of aunt Mabel** moshing than 30 of her standing looking awkward and posed? Sure I would (plus you can always use it as blackmail later)

From the eyes of a storyteller, daydreamer and fully qualified and insured photo ninja… Your fairy tale.

               ROCKSTAR_VENDOR_BADGE      SWDMag_400x400

*Fun fact… the unicorn is the national animal of Scotland (possibly due to whisky being our national drink…. after Irn-Bru of course)
** Random name choice… Not actual person reference… but maybe your aunt Mabel loves a good mosh